Lacto-Fermented Goddess

I saw the ad for a free demonstration of lacto-fermented cabbage at the library, and I had to go see it.  For a long time I knew I had to eat more fermented food, but I didn’t know quite what it was. I went, I saw, I tasted. I found out about an old cookbook called Nourishing Traditions, by Dr. Weston Price & Sally Fallon, and my life is changed! All the confusion about food and fads is suddenly clear.

If I ferment my grains, I am less likely to get Celiacs. If I ferment some veggies, they get super-charged. (If I ferment the Beet Kvass, and can drink it down, I am pretty sure I will live forever.) Just what is lacto-fermentation, you ask? Well, the lacto is whey, and you mix it with a bit of salt, leave it on the counter overnight, and it will ferment what is in the bowl with it.

Q& A time:

  • How to get whey? Strain it out of yogurt.
  • What does the ferment do? 1. Inserts probiotics into the food, 2. through the enzymes, makes the nutrition more bio-available, 3. neutralizes the irritating toxins off the bran.
  • Who invented this new-fangled process? Ancient tribes from the Andes, to the Amazon, to the Alps, to the Aleutians. For tens of thousands of years, this is the way (whey) food was processed, preserved, and prescribed. Isolated tribes still treat food this way, and enjoy incredible health and vitality.

The first sixty pages of the book describe foods by category (proteins, grains, fats, milks, etc) and how they work together on the human body.The book is so commonsensical, I immediately went to my cabinet and threw away my whites: flour, sugar, cereals, and pastas. Not only are they lacking nutrients, they are also anti-nutrients! They are dead foods. Yes, dead.

You know that many foods now are processed, injected with antibiotics or hormones, gmo’ed, or otherwise fake, addictive, and harmful. So, while it may cost a few dollars more up front, the reduction in future ill health/medical bills far outweighs any qualms I have about forking over the cash for whole and natural food. Actual food. Happy food.

Now, while I do not see myself grinding up soaked and dried corn into cornflour with a stone, or making my own Kombucha (yuck), there are quite a few things that I can change up right away with no trouble at all. Like eliminating the very baddies, and working in a few easier ferments. Yes, I now have the guts of a lacto-fermented goddess!

Actually, I am going to stop writing about it, and refer you to the website to see for yourself.  Here is the brochure I got at the library demo, (and I have since read the cookbook and made the ginger carrots and steel-cut oats)

I feel this is really important info for an earth-honoring goddess, and I want to make sure you get the facts from the professionals. All I am saying is, Boom!, this book changed my life. What luck! And it might change yours too.

Just sayin.

step on to this path with me
The street that leads to the actual Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. Weston-Price / Lacto-fermenting is another street that leads to the fountain of youth. Just sayin.





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