Listening Like a Goddess

Listening Like A Goddess

By RM Allen   ( “Listening” was my word-of-the-year for 2012)

The goddess in you is ready to impart some wisdom to you.  Be quiet and listen. She begins. No sound is made, but you feel her words vibrate in your heartstrings.

…………..My dear, to truly Listen one needs to get out of their head and into their heart. Listening is vastly different than hearing. The cells that listen are in the heart, not in the ears, nor in the myriad filters of the mind. In listening, either to yourself or to another, you will glean only two basic things: a need that has been met, or a need that is unmet. This is a simple reflection of the two states of humanity: happy or unhappy.

One could surmise that listening correlates directly to needs. The more needs a person has the more they listen so that they may find ways to meet those needs.  As humans we are always “doing” to attempt to move from unhappy towards happy.  Ah, but the definition of happy is a fleeting thing, and the definition of insanity is doing that same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Rarely do people find themselves at the eventide and just “being” instead of “doing.”

But my dear, in a funny kind of puzzle, as the goddess climbs higher up the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid she finds she listens more but needs less. The less needs she has, the less she feels she should be “doing” and the more she resides in simply “being.” “Being,” with an open heart which listens more  – but reacts less.  This is the heart that entrains others to a higher vibration.

Can you hear this resonate inside your own heart? Good. Here we go, my lovely one, we are coming right down to the bottom line now. Ascending Maslow’s pyramid has little to do with money or health, and everything to do with love:

Listening is an act of Love  – self-love, love of others, and love of the Universe. Listen and ascend………..


buddha gave a sermon where he simply held up a flower

Published by nhgoddess

RM Allen is the author of The New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles series, small but effective books on the intersection of spirituality & environmentalism. She continues the small but effective theme in her newest writing project: the Maryvonne Mini-Mystery series, which are about racism and redress. The first book released January 2020: Incident at Exeter Tavern. Second book released September 2020: Incident at Ioka. Both o Amazon/Kindle or Water Street Bookstore. Thanks for your support!

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