Solstice Moves the Goddess Forward

Solstice Moves the Goddess Forward

 By RM Allen, author of the NH Goddess Chronicles series, 2013

aug 2017 solar eclipse in LeoHappy Solstice my goddess sisters!

My usual Orgasmaical newsletter is being pre-empted by a special blog posting for the summer solstice:

This weekend, at the summer solstice, is the perfect time to commit to make a life change that will move you forward. According to the Mayan calendar, the world ended on the winter solstice 2012. Six months later, we are still alive and well and approach the next cosmic marker: the summer solstice 2013. Where do you find yourself in this post-Mayan world?

In those past six months some of my goddess sisters have taken their first steps forward into a new world of their own making. One goddess has flown to a South American country to investigate retirement real-estate options, another has become (finally) pregnant at 39, another  took court action to evict a bum roommate, another enrolled in a six-month life-design program, one just quit a job she hated but paid extremely well, and still another is adopting a six-year old child single-handedly. You go my goddess sisters! It is time to live in the kind of world which you most desire.

As for myself, I am taking the plunge and officially moving into the next phase of a very committed relationship. This is big step for me as a divorced woman, who is once-bitten and now twice-shy. But I am feeling very orgasmagical these days! The bulleted list that follows and the paraphrased paragraph after it is from a book I am reading  The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Heifetz, Grashow, and Linsky, 2009. It takes Darwinism and lends that to organizational or life changes.  Life is always in flux. Think of one spot where you are stuck or stale and just want to let that go. Move forward by pondering the following formula in relation to your vision of the world you want to live in, while you enjoy the longest day of the year!

Good luck goddess,

RM Allen

  • ·        Adaptive Leadership is about change that enables the capacity to thrive.
  • ·        Successful adaptive changes build on the past rather than jettison it.
  • ·        Organizational adaptation occurs through experimentation.
  • ·        Adaptation relies on diversity.
  • ·        New adaptations significantly displace, reregulate, and rearrange old DNA.
  • ·        Adaption takes time.

(Paraphrased from book) Secretly, in some aspect, you like your company/family/self dysfunction, because it would be too bothersome to change it. Tough choices, losses, and uncertainty would have to be dealt with. Start with baby steps if you have to, or do something larger if you have already been baby-stepping for a while and are ready to really move forward. Imagine yourself in the balcony, overlooking you on the dance floor of life interacting with others. Make unbiased observations. Notice what is NOT being said, but runs as an undercurrent of values. Make several guesses as to why. Make some outlandish guesses as well, just to open your eyes wider. Intervention time! This intervention must be phrased as a “shared purpose” i.e. what both parties want, win-win, etc. (This holds true even if “both parties” are your conflicted self!)  You must first be very clear with yourself about what your underlying values are and what your compelling larger purpose/life vision is. Prepare several scenarios both inside and outside your comfort zone before you begin the dialogue. In the dialogue, experiment and take risks smartly. Say what is in your heart, and discern what is in their heart to find the common ground. Defining a common ground/shared purpose, or seeking your own true north, can be challenging and/or painful but is a valuable corrective.


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RM Allen is the author of The New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles series, small but effective books on the intersection of spirituality & environmentalism. She continues the small but effective theme in her newest writing project: the Maryvonne Mini-Mystery series, which are about racism and redress. The first book released January 2020: Incident at Exeter Tavern. Second book released September 2020: Incident at Ioka. Both o Amazon/Kindle or Water Street Bookstore. Thanks for your support!

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