Book Launch (in social isolation)

At the very beginning of social isolation, the local paper called me to write a story about what one does when your book launch gets swallowed up by the virus. Here is a link to the article:

Two months have passed, and I have spent the cold, rainy, and isolated spring of 2020 writing the second book in the trilogy. (I had the research done, and planned to begin writing in the fall.) The second book is now out to my editors, then will come back to me for the tedious process of tweaking, and figuring out the art. I am not sure when I will launch it. Are you sure of anything right now??

As a preview, I will tell you some things about it. This book is historical-fiction set in Abolitionist era Exeter, late summer 1841 to be exact, and today as well. A hurricane is approaching, and the chairperson of the select board is missing. We go to various barbershops, and learn about an Exeter-born barber who was also an Abolitionist poet: James Monroe Whitfield.

Maryvonne is still driving about town in the Zeus-mobile. She visits the old Clifford House, (know today as the Gilman-Garrison House) the Masonic Temple, and the Ioka. There is a crazy art show, songs by Nina Simone, and of course… a drink recipe.

This cozy-caper is entitled “Incident at Ioka.” (The Ioka is an abandoned movie theater in Exeter, built in 1915.)

I will update you if/when things progress. In the meantime, enjoy this 2020 “Summer of Safe-Six”!

~RM Allen

PS. Update for September 2020. Book # 2 is launched and in the news!

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RM Allen is the author of The New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles series, small but effective books on the intersection of spirituality & environmentalism. She continues the small but effective theme in her newest writing project: the Maryvonne Mini-Mystery series, which are about racism and redress. The first book released January 2020: Incident at Exeter Tavern. Second book released September 2020: Incident at Ioka. Both o Amazon/Kindle or Water Street Bookstore. Thanks for your support!

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