The Goddess’ Speech

The Goddess’ SpeechThrive Yoga Studio of St Augustine FL super full moon in Virgo 2018

By RM Allen, March 8, 2018

It is time to vote for a new member of town leadership in my town, the Select Board, formerly known as the Board of Selectmen. Today it is half, if not more, peopled by elected women. When I watch their meetings on TV I see the nameplate in the center of the long table still says “Chairman”, no matter if a woman is sitting behind it or a man. Does it really matter? No. But I think if the nameplate said “Chairwoman” and a man was seated behind it most times, it would be quickly replaced.

…chairman, chairwoman, chairperson

I do a lot of volunteering. During scheduling I often hear someone say who will “man the table”? Does that exclude women from volunteering at the table? If a woman declares “I will man the table” does that mean she has to sport pants and a mustache? Does the figure of speech here really matter? No. But I think if a man was asked to “woman” a table, he may wonder exactly what it would mean.

…man the table, woman the table, staff the table

One of the most striking songs ever written is John Lennon’s Imagine which contain these lyrics: “…no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world…”  By now, you see where I am going, my friend! Does the language really matter? No. But if Lennon had instead written “a sisterhood of women” would that have rendered men invisible in relation to this song and turned it into a feminist manifesto?

…brotherhood of man, sisterhood of women, folkshood /family of people

In the tradition of my church, Unitarian Universalist, if you are forming a new branch and are lay-led and don’t have an ordained minister yet (or never plan to), you are known as a “Fellowship”. When snowbirding, I attend the “Universalist Fellowship of St. Augustine” which is a lively and lovely operation in a gorgeous building. Fellowship is this instance is a very Christian word, which is funny because most people who identify as UU’s are not Christian, though some are. Does using the word fellowship then diminish those in the group who are atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Jewish, Humanist, etc? This in combination with my observation that the majority of attendees at any church are female makes me wonder if Sunday gathering houses would be more appropriately named “Dameships”?

Try these on: “We serve coffee in the Dameship Room.” “We welcome you with warm dameship into our fold.”  Awkward. Seems to render the men all but invisible, possibly unimportant. But would it actually deprive them of any power in the democracy of their home church? Does using the word fellowship do the same? Who thrives when we use the following terms…

…Fellowship, Dameship, Folkship?

All the above is something to ponder. Try switching out some of these words/phrases in your speech every once in a while, just for the reaction. Does it make others:

  • take pause, awake, and embark on course-correction
  • say you are a feminist bitch
  • say thank you

Amen, Awomen, Namaste


Laughing Goddess

Laughing Goddess

by RM Allen Jan 2018

The commencement of January always finds me assessing the outcome of 365 days of sitting with my “Word of the Year” (WOY) for the previous year. Back in December of 2016 I was still in sleepless shock, worried about the inept and crude leadership of our country. What about you? For me, this was combined with the onset of nighttime hot flashes, three months after my last menses in July. Dismaying days and fitful nights: in this state sorrowful state the word “laugh” chose itself to be my WOY for 2017.

I began laughing school in the typical way; by watching comedies, reading funny books and also rather oddly by just plain forcing myself to laugh maniacally in private. You can literally feel the happy waves wash over your brain cells. It is true that “laughter is the best medicine” and sets up a body for good health! I challenge you to laugh maniacally right now for 30 seconds to test this. Do it!  Tee hee hee! Mwa ha ha!! At least crack a smile 😊 and breathe deeply. See how easy that was.


Now, about halfway through the year,  as my body began to move into the world of the powerful and wise crone, I was asked to babysit my adorable three-month-old grandson once a week. He is my first, what a thrill!

If you need to be schooled in laughter, spend time with a curious and happy infant. You start with the googly face — then they give you the toothless grin. Pretty soon everyone’s eyes are bright and moist with laughter and joy. My smiles linger all week thinking about his dimpled little face and pudgy toes. What luck that my tickly cherub came to me just at this time!

This wonderful weekly grammy day helped me leave the gnarly wider world for a while and just enjoy sunshine and laughter with my tiny man-cub. This and my other laughing efforts finally got my perspective back.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” So, let us laugh generously with ourselves and loved ones as we practice patience, and PERSISTENCE.  See you at the polls.

Goddesses and Asses


time-person-of-year-silence-breakers metoo goddessGoddesses and Asses  (aka #MeToo)

December 7, 2017 by RM Allen

Time Magazine’s person of the year is a group of silence-breakers. It is the #METOO women’s movement that seeks to stop the sexual abuse that has been going on for years. YAY!!!! I am happy that others won’t have to put up with the gropers I have had to for decades. Read on sister if you want to know my stories.

The incidents in my life that stand out the most are:
1982: I didn’t say a word, too stunned and scared when the high school teacher put his hand on my ass.

1983: I was stalked by a tech-nerd classmate at GTE Sylvania who had to make a show of grabbing my ass deeply – into the crack and beyond (the reverse pussy-grab?) in the hallways. It was so demeaning and disgusting. No one said a word, not even me. I finally complained to the teacher who replied. “Yea, I saw that and I thought you wanted it.” I was speechless. Then he did zero. I graduated shortly thereafter.

2012: While saying goodbye to the house party host (and her new boyfriend), he pulled the reverse pussy-grab… I was mortified and hoped no one saw, and ran off to my car. But they all saw. No one said anything, not even my date at the time who said after: ” Yea, I saw it – but I thought you had something going with him.” WTF??

So finally, in 2012 I decided to grow up and stand up for myself. Why did I not do this before? (It was the era of victim blaming, career sabotage, etc. etc.) What luck for me that I had just read the feminist-interpreted fables in “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” I examined all my feelings around groping and got SUPER pissed.

Millennials and younger may wonder why women rarely stood up for themselves. I think it was instilled into us Boomers by our families. Many women’s first assault was by a close male relative/friend who preyed upon their naiveté and threatened retribution. Many girls of the era did not want to rock the family boat and become unloved, or weren’t believed, or simply told to hush. “It is not a big thing.” “Boys will be boys.” “ The man is always right.” Men had the only paycheck and women were second class citizens then, but no more! Four million strong women marched in January 2017 against pussy-grabbing and locker room talk and cads and loss of health choices becoming normalized. Post-march women knew that other women had their back. Lawyer Gloria Allred for one, ask Harvey.

The Women’s March has super-charged two things that are playing out right now: #MeToo and #SheShouldRun (for elected office). And this, my sisters, is ushering in an orgasmagical transformation in society! Stay tuned!

But back to my story. A course correction was overdue for me after I examined why I always became mute when violated and demeaned. Decades of latent anger was to be sprung on the next perp…

2016: While standing next to my husband and saying goodbye from a lovely dinner party for four, the 80-year-old host ground into me and whispered yummy noises in my ear. Yuck. Disgusted. Mortified, his poor wife was standing right there too. Well, thankfully it wasn’t the reverse pussy-grab, but it sprung the trigger and I finally stood up for myself. Most angrily.

Now I have an important ask for YOU: when you see this behavior in the future please say “THAT IS NOT COOL” and call them on it. Don’t be a silent bro-stander. (Kudos to two brave people in the past who have stood up for me, and averted what could have been more than a grab. Thanks!)

Have you got a story? Get it out there – tell your sister, friend, husband or even Facebook. Release that festering gunk and be free. Speak up Goddess and admit #MeToo if it is your truth, as it is for over 40% of women (and a smaller percentage of men). Don’t name names if that is too uncomfortable – simply name the feelings and #METOO.

metoo person of the yearclick picture and download

The First “American” Eclipse!

aug 2017 solar eclipse in Leo

I read somewhere that summer 2017 is the “summer of resistance.”

Resisting, persisting, insisting; it is pretty much a spectrum and I am on it – trying to find balance in the middle somewhere. Trying to adapt to the changing political climate and find common ground.

Listening to the news is still a perplexing activity which breaks my heart, so I continue to avoid the drama and persist along my green path. It is summertime, and the living should be easy, but drama keeps floating in on the breezes like the perfume of a skunk. I often imagine how disheartening it must have been for Suffragettes and Freedom Riders, yet they persisted in doing the right thing anyway and that fact hardens my resolve.

Many other women (and men) are growing in resolve too. Like pretty little summer wildflowers that pop up surprisingly in unexpected places, I am heartened by the groups I see popping up all over in this summer of 2017.  The Women’s March this spring woke people up, got them on the street for a day, and then told them to gather locally and regularly in any fashion. So we did. We have quietly gathered and we are sowing seeds, sometimes silently but sometimes not.

Now we pass the halfway mark of summer, a day called Lammas in some traditions. As this summer wanes, there will be a full solar eclipse on August 21 that crosses the entire US. (Excellent viewing in the south, limited viewing in the north.) This is a very special eclipse for Americans: Not only is it the first eclipse to cross the entire USA since 1918, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively with the US, making it the first eclipse to do so since the country’s independence in 1776!

I take this as a very good omen. Perhaps someday history will mark this eclipse as a tipping point, a flashpoint, a revelation, a revolution, or the beginning of a new era of balance — whose seeds were sown over the last 9 months of darkness. After the moon passes fully by the sun and the new light shines on the fecund earth in the USA, may those seeds grow sturdily and bear bountiful and luscious fruit for all.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy “American” eclipse my fecund goddesses 🙂

The Butterfly Effect

Exeter Dam Free Climate March 2017 montage

On an unusually warm spring day, the Dam-Free Fest was held alongside the raging river at the site of the recent dam removal. Children, bubbles, flowers, and colorful art filled the park. Early on, folks participated in yoga by the river, poster and button-making, and just chatting with friends they hadn’t seen all winter. FUUSE Artivists used the river fence as a gallery to hang their Clean Energy Vision mural, photos of the dam removal project, and large banners that were part of their art-installation in support of clean energy (spinning wind turbines and all), and created lots of boldly-colored sidewalk art. T.E.A.M., who promotes the local art and music scene, had a very active table with info on upcoming shows and festivals. Much of the day was filmed by Exeter TV 98, as part of a documentary about the dam.

mural on Exeter NH river fence

Think globally, act locally it is said. 375 similar marches were held around the globe that same day, including 200,000 people in Washington, DC, who formed a circle around the White House in support of a healthy climate. Our small town rally was the first time many folks had marched, or witnessed a climate march. Our mini-march was peaceful and fun, and perhaps helps to open a discussion among neighbors of differing minds.

Local folks are now encouraged to interrogate their own life this summer and see where they need to divest from some things, and invest in others – from lightbulbs, to cars, to food, to energy, to portfolios: the Butterfly Effect.


(Science March at NH Statehouse the previous weekend)

Edited video filmed by TV98 here:

Moonshine Meditation


Moonshine Meditation

by RM Allen,  Feb. 2017

The dark horizon glows dusky pink as I walk barefoot across the soft sand. The full moon has just emerged out of the calm sea, shining bright gold against deep blue, beckoning me to approach.  Mesmerized, I walk towards my sister the moon until I am ankle-deep in the warm water. Time slows. How many full moons have I…my mother…my grandmother… my ancient ancestors gazed upon?  Time drops away.

Resting my hands in my pockets, my fingers curl absent-mindedly around the contents. In one pocket is a crumpled tissue, in the other, some coins. One a symbol of kindness and care, the other a symbol of wealth and power. Overhead I hear the rumble of yet another small jet coming from the south and flying up the coast. Since Palm Beach is about a 30 minute flight from here, my mind jumps to the assumption that the passengers are our new billionaire “public servants”. Kindness and care or wealth and power? I can’t tell yet, but I think the worst.

I stare at the moon some more, water playing at my ankles. My fingers slide across the contents of my pockets again. Care and power. Liberal and Conservative, Alt-Left and Alt-Right, what exactly motivates each? What exactly divides them?  If anyone of them weep or are wounded, will I not share my kind tissue to wipe the tears or blood? If anyone of them are homeless or fleeing persecution, will I not share my powerful coins so that they may be safe once again? Care or power? It seems we have become disconnected and have been falsely told that we have only one choice. I want both.

The moon cares not if the Byzantine, Roman, or American empires are rising or falling, she keeps a scientific schedule.

I have been still for so long that it is fully dark and the birds no longer notice me. Ten tiny white sandpipers come running maniacally along the glistening edge of the inky waves, feeding when the wave draws back, then running on in a gang to catch the next wave’s gifts. They are at the waves’ behest. I watch them pass very close in front of me on their way up the beach. Many friends (and my inbox) say “resist”. I hear that. I want to resist the power overload, yet something in that word rankles me. My nature is to collaborate in the middle way. I want to “cohere”: to come together and stick together. I want to PERSIST.  In the end “they” are us too.  What is the common ground? What actions would be considered and durable?

We women are sisters of the moon: her cycles work on the cycles of our wombs. The moon beams shining wide across the ocean and me tonight were just hours before shining on women in the Middle East who were denied educational opportunities. Hours from now these beams will shine upon women in Japan who have extraordinary educational opportunities. When I wear my pink fleece hat, I wear it for me, for you and for those denied women in the Middle East too, whose wombs are at the mercy of a patriarchal power overload. Staring straight into the shining face of the moon, I silently call for all women in the world to cohere, invest in themselves, and strike that tricky balance between care and power.

The action of the waves has pulled the sand from under my feet. I am no longer standing firmly in the surf, so I reposition. That is life – things change and flexibility is needed to keep balanced. Adjusting my stance suddenly grounds me in reality and reminds me where I am: on vacation, taking a break from the cold, the routine, and the dismay/despair of patriarchal executive order power overload. Repositioning for the considered and durable work ahead.

Persist, my purr-sistas! Care and power must strike a balance now – because the moon cares not if average temperatures or human populations are rising or falling, she keeps a scientific schedule.

Namaste my sisters.


Running with the Wolves in 2017

Running with the Wolves in 2017
By RM Allen

Election: November, 2016:
It was so dark, so why couldn’t I sleep? It was simply too dark to sleep. The darkness had dredged up my past rage about men who grope, men who demean, men who lie. Thankfully I now enjoy and adore wonderful and caring men who inspire me daily. I want to avoid knee-jerk-reaction to the past rage suddenly returned, but am confused as to how to thoughtfully proceed. Suddenly it strikes me to search for wisdom inside one of my favorite books “Women Who Run with the Wolves” (by C. Pinkola-Estes). And there it is, a chapter on rage and forgiveness. The Japanese story of The Crescent Bear, followed by dissection and explanation, is like a magical balm. As I read it from a new perspective, truth illuminates and disinfects the moldering corners of my post-election mind. There is work to do.

Solstice: December 21, 2016: The darkest days pass and the light begins to return now. As Pinkola-Estes writes, rage is good and serves a purpose. Consuming rage burns all to ash, but appropriate rage lights a transformative fire and directs your path to “right action.” These days there is a collective rage directing a lot of right actions. Almost four million women are connecting through crowd-source storytelling on Pantsuit Nation. Their stories enrage, sadden, give hope, inspire; The flight attendant calling out the unwanted touch, the feminist dismayed, the caring man on the subway, the female soldier in Iraq, the black mother with tiny son on her breast, the middle-schooler with her Malala report, the singer who lives near the old KKK house and her soulful version of Lennon’s “Imagine”, the nasty woman scientist, the newlywed lesbians, the wild woman and her pre-teen daughter in the hockey game bleachers. Today I read in The Guardian that the ACLU website had crashed from activity and that “Planned Parenthood has received more than 300,000 donations in the six weeks since the election, 40 times its normal rate. Around half the donors were millennials and 70% had never given to the family planning organization before.” Rage is being directed into right action. This is good.


New Year: January 2017: The light grows stronger. Three reasons for hope: (1.) Michelle Obama’s recent “exit” interview with Oprah was a model of how to be simultaneously strong and gracious at this time. (2.) Carefully in the mushroom cloud of fake-news, I am researching and watching the young Ivanka, as she seems to have a bit of the she-wolf in her. Can it be? There is some cause for hope, but I am unsure. Let us see what her reaction is to The Women’s March on January 21st. Which brings me to (3.) Hundreds of thousands of women, families, and church groups will travel with their personal wolf-packs to either the US capital or their own state capital on January 21 to creatively express their insistence on women’s and human rights.

My husband will join me, as well as many friends and family as we gather at the Boston Women’s March, and in the years ahead, to continue our work to create a more gracious world for future generations. With a hopeful heart, I will carry with me an ultrasound photo of my unborn grandson. My personal wolf-pack will be there to “make our voice heard” …will yours?


#GivingTuesday All Month Long…

Let’s share our abundance with others!

Greetings Goddesses! If you are like me, the thoughts of giving piles of tangible holidays gifts causes some discomfort. This year our family is trying something new and gifting local charities instead of ourselves. We will use this “Choose-A-Charity” graphic to coordinate our charitable donations. How? Easy! Here are the directions:

  1. Print and pass this poster around your family & friends
  2. Each person chooses a charity by penciling in their name below
  3. Return to the owner
  4. Instead of a Christmas gift, owner donates in your name
  5. Completed poster is hung in a special place for the season

family-holiday-charity-planner-exeter-2016You can work on it before, during, or after the big day. It makes for meaningful discussions with your family in this post-election season! Then hang the completed poster with your other holiday greeting cards or post it on the fridge for the rest of the season.You can even make copies of the completed poster and mail it to the family members for them to display too. The above poster is made to show local charities in Exeter, NH. Scroll way down for a blank customizable poster for yourself.

“We have so much and we don’t need more, instead let’s help to even the score.”


Dont forget the backside /or page 2, so folks can understand and discuss the “Mission” of each possible charity!! This is where you can get into the true “reason for the season”…….. or if you are more of a believer in eco-spirituality like me you can get a warm and fuzzy glow from knowing you are helping folks to become kinder to the earth and all its creatures in the “web of life”…… However you look at it, you are creating a Sustainable-Christmas for yourself and others 🙂

(PS. customizable version at very bottom, keep scrolling down)family-holiday-charity-planner-page-2-legend


Would you like to customize the poster?

  1. Download this blank one (below) to your computer (by clicking on it and choosing SAVE IMAGE AS),
  2. then open the picture, “copy” it,… then open a WORD doc and past it in,
  3. then add six text boxes over the gifts (using command”wrap= in front of”) and type in white font 11pt.

Or if that seems too complicated…. just print the picture then use a Sharpie to write on the gifts!

(Then also don’t forget to type your own “legend” for the backside/ or page 2!)

Namaste!  ~RM alleneco-christmas-giving-tuesday-holiday-charity-planner-blank



A Call to Arms of Love / Pantsuit Nation

a-call-to-arms-of-love-pantsuit-nationWhen I let myself dwell on the volcanic eruption of hatred towards women and “others” that just spewed from this election, I get the blues. Just as the first Black US presidency highlighted simmering racial issues, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy highlighted the simmering misogyny, now out in the open for all to see. She was subjected to a witch-hunt not seen since the 1600’s.

Although things may get worse before they get better, and true equality may not happen in my lifetime, we are clearly on the path to a “more perfect union.” The combination of crowd-sourced internet transparency and synergistic actions by empowered women and caring men around the globe has and will continue to expose and eventually dissolve systemic bias and hatred towards women and the dreaded “others.”

What is encouraging is that today’s various oppressed groups (aka those who are non-white and/or non-male) have made a common cause of attaining equality and found a larger shared identity through “multi-solving.” Crowd-sourced social media has allowed this by exposing misconduct, unfairness and much worse… and the people are demanding accountability. Around the world, power is slowly being siphoned from white supremists: dispossession and inequality is a Ponzi scheme built on the backs of the oppressed that is imploding around the globe right before our eyes via the Internet.  It is an ugly sight to behold.

What is encouraging is that women know what it is to be a minority group, thus are more attuned to inclusivity. Studies show (most but not all) women tend to work in a collaborative manner and have an enhanced sense of the interconnectedness of all life. Family life, good health and relationships are seen as, or more, important than personal advantage. Women are more likely to recognize sooner that the current “continuous growth” economic mode puts too much pressure on workers, families and our only planet. (Upcoming planetary issues include; food and water security, climate destabilization, climate refugees, and transition to the Smart Grid.) It is time to strengthen communities and families of all stripes.

What is also encouraging is that new legal language has been given and many middle-age women will finally admit or suddenly realize (because of this most foul presidential campaign) that they have been sexually assaulted in the past. It was the era of victim-blaming so women just kept silent and drove the rage inside themselves then, but that rage is exploding right now. However, the good news is many of the groper (and worse) victims are at the height of their careers now and have the power to change attitudes in schools and workplaces AND to legally enact new protections, rules and laws now. Women, we stand at a historic crossroad: the struggle just got fast-tracked. It is time for you to ask yourself “what can I offer, how can I help?” Take a few moments to grieve/rage, take a deep breath, release, and then put on your pantsuit and let’s get started.
Let us be an interconnected web of women who use our hearts and hands and brains and smart phones and laptops to turn those tired old swords of hate into plowshares of harmony. Our journey will lead us to live in gratitude of the abundance that we, in partnership with caring males, shall birth for all.

Return of the Monarchs aka The Reign of Senator Elizabeth Warren

monarch-butterfly-on-milkweed“Return of the Monarchs aka The Reign of Sen. Elizabeth Warren”

by RM Allen, author of NH Goddess Chronicles series

September 25, 2016

The orange and black monarch butterfly was the most prolific of my youth. Recent years have seen petitions filed to add them to the endangered species list. Why? 1.Their food, milkweed, has been sprayed with chemicals and 2. unstable weather/climate has killed off tens of millions. In the summer of 2014 I saw only one butterfly at the farm, in 2015 I saw only two. Caring, everyday people are now making both tiny and tremendous efforts to save them from extinction and I am happy to report that I saw a dozen this year! While this is far under what is normal, at least it is headed in the right direction and is cause for optimism that the monarchs will find balance in this new world.

I draw a parallel to another monarchy of sorts: the leadership of peoples, in which the tide is turning in favor of women. To wit – Angela Merkel leads Germany, Teresa May leads the UK, and Hillary Clinton has a fantastic chance to become our next President.  And there is a rising star who may become the best monarch of them all: U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (Democrat). I had the good fortune to see her speak today at a  “Stronger Together” campaign event at the University of New Hampshire in support of NH politicians Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter and of course Hillary Clinton.

You don’t know who she is?  Quickie background; Elizabeth Warren grew up in a very modest family, she was a stay-at-home mom early on, going for a law degree when her children were tiny, and then snagging a teaching job at Harvard University. She became expert in her field, and people came knocking on her door asking her to run for office. She is the spunky girl next door who found her passion and ran with it.

As a lawmaker, Elizabeth Warren is electrifying while being apple-pie-warm. How this can be, I don’t know –  but she was terrifically fun to watch at the podium today speaking in support of her colleagues, her slight frame dancing all about and laughing. She is like the fun and sassy aunt that you love.

On the other hand, I have seen her (on television) at the congressional podium speaking forcefully about the financial fraud perpetrated by Wall Street and greedy CEO’s that took down our economy and caused recession. She is a whip-smart lawyer, a financial expert, and she takes no prisoners. She is a terrifying Amazon. She is Pele, Kali, Hecate… call her what goddess you will. Senator Elizabeth Warren models for women, young and old, a new way to be in this new world.

Now, just like I see the tide turning in favor of the monarch butterfly, I also see the tide turning in favor of women. Leaders like Senator Warren are at the front of our beautiful flock, undertaking inordinately long journeys on strong yet so very delicate wings. Caring, everyday people have been making both tiny and tremendous efforts on this inordinately long journey; from the Suffragettes, through the two waves of Women’s Lib, to today’s Millennials and Gender-Benders. Ancient matriarchal societies gave way to patriarchies for a long, long time, but slowly the pendulum is swinging back.

While today’s status-quo is far under what is normal (many girls around the world still are denied education to name one abomination) at least it is headed in the right direction and is cause for optimism that the monarchs (male and female leaders equally this time) will find balance in this new world.

We are “stronger together” my friends, so keep doing both the tiny and the tremendous on our inordinately long journey!

US Sen. Warren and NH Gov. Hassan, 9/24/2016