A “Green” Sequin of Kindness

Banner Green Sequin Mosaic Glitter Sparkle Glow.My friend Barbara P has created a very positive cable TV show out of Lowell, MA called “A Sequin of Kindness”. (A sequin is small, but it reflects a lot of light, just like a small act of kindness.) She interviews people about kind acts they have done, like donating a kidney. It is kind of a pay-it-forward show. In episode 3, she interviewed me about being kind to the environment. I talk about local food, recycling bins, fossil fuel divestment, and more. She is a great host, see her there in the red jacket? I am the one wearing a green shirt with fringe that shakes likes leaves on a tree (of course). See the clips or the whole episode on her  Sequin of Kindness YouTube channel now.


Listening Like a Goddess

Listening Like A Goddess

By RM Allen   ( “Listening” was my word-of-the-year for 2012)

The goddess in you is ready to impart some wisdom to you.  Be quiet and listen. She begins. No sound is made, but you feel her words vibrate in your heartstrings.

…………..My dear, to truly Listen one needs to get out of their head and into their heart. Listening is vastly different than hearing. The cells that listen are in the heart, not in the ears, nor in the myriad filters of the mind. In listening, either to yourself or to another, you will glean only two basic things: a need that has been met, or a need that is unmet. This is a simple reflection of the two states of humanity: happy or unhappy.

One could surmise that listening correlates directly to needs. The more needs a person has the more they listen so that they may find ways to meet those needs.  As humans we are always “doing” to attempt to move from unhappy towards happy.  Ah, but the definition of happy is a fleeting thing, and the definition of insanity is doing that same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Rarely do people find themselves at the eventide and just “being” instead of “doing.”

But my dear, in a funny kind of puzzle, as the goddess climbs higher up the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid she finds she listens more but needs less. The less needs she has, the less she feels she should be “doing” and the more she resides in simply “being.” “Being,” with an open heart which listens more  – but reacts less.  This is the heart that entrains others to a higher vibration.

Can you hear this resonate inside your own heart? Good. Here we go, my lovely one, we are coming right down to the bottom line now. Ascending Maslow’s pyramid has little to do with money or health, and everything to do with love:

Listening is an act of Love  – self-love, love of others, and love of the Universe. Listen and ascend………..


buddha gave a sermon where he simply held up a flower

All Kale the Goddess

All Kale the Goddess

Dec 2012 by RM Allen, author of The NH Goddess Chronicles series

kale salad recipe goddessKale. What is that weird cousin of lettuce, all gnarly and rubbery and atomic green? Tracey Miller knows. Last summer, Tracey gave me a big bundle of fresh kale and said it was super good for me. I am not much of a cook, and this was the first time I ever held raw kale in my hands. How should I prepare it?  I looked up a recipe for kale chips online, and made them. I was addicted. They tasted and crunched like a bag of thin chips. But they are really good for you. Imagine that, guilt-free chips!

I ate the whole bundle in one sitting. It was like eating the whole bag of chips, which I have always wanted to do.

Last month, Tracey invited me to sit in on a cooking class she and Kathy Gallant were giving at Kathy’s all local food restaurant, the Blue Moon Evolution in Exeter. (Last time I was in a cooking class was in Home-Economics at Essex Elementary in the 1970’s.)  Posters around town had notified me that Tracey was running a cooking series for moms this fall as part of her FoodAndHealthForum.com series. I didn’t know quite what that night’s class was about or how skilled the attendees were supposed to be. So I wore my apron there, to at least look like I had a clue coming through the door. It turns out I didn’t have to actually cook, just watch. And eat. Yay! One of the dishes was a kale salad. All dressed up and delicious. All hail the goddess Kale!!

The next cooking class in Tracey’s Food and Health Forum is about eating healthy for the holidays and is on December 3rd, 2012 at the Blue Moon Evolution. You can still sign up. This year she ran all cooking classes in the forum. Last year she and Kathy brought in national speakers for the forum, who spoke on topics like food GMO, monoculture farming, and the local food movement. The speakers present, and afterwards you all eat a locavore meal together and chat. I attended the one by Ben Hewitt, author of The Town That Food Saved, and I was particularly struck by his words about raw milk. One of the best parts about attending any of the events in the forum is the people that you meet there. Tracey and Kathy are providing a forum for like minded people to get together and exchange ideas around holistic wellness; personal, societal, and global. Rock on sister goddesses, I salute you!

Recently I have been purchasing kale at Market Basket from the same company I buy my bags of baby spinach from. Actually, Olivia’s brand comes in a large plastic tub, and she now offers baby kale. Baby kale is a lot easier for the average person to understand. It is small and flexible, and attractive – kind of cute actually. You can eat it raw in salads, roast it into chips, or throw a handful in your soup. My favorite preparation so far is something easy that I bring for lunch at work sometimes: steamed chopped asparagus (cold) on a bed of baby kale, drizzled with Annie’ brand Goddess dressing (with tahini) and crisp organic smoked bacon crumbled over the top. The kale is hardier that lettuce or spinach, and can stand up to being dressed for hours without wilting too much.

Tracey and Kathy will bring next to their Food and Health Forum  a class on eating healthy for the holidays on Dec. 3rd. Check this website here to see, or to get health tips, or watch a video on how to make kale chips. All kale the goddess!

HMS Goddess

Remember when I made this video of a community garden in a seaside town in New Jersey? Today, that beautiful garden that my friend and I sat in one peaceful summer afternoon is now located in a disaster zone, created by Hurricane Sandy, the frankenstorm.

Today Exxon and Shell, only two of the many fossil fuel companies, announced that they made 16 billion dollars in profit in the last quarter.

Look at this awesome picture I snapped with my cell phone in July in Newburyport, MA. I am in love with this tall ship, a 1960 replica of the HMS Bounty. I saw her in three different ports over the last two years, what a beauty! She sank on Monday in the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” off the Carolinas in Hurricane Sandy, the frankenstorm.

As of today, over $150 million has been spent to influence this year’s election by the fossil fuel frankenindustry* .

Can you connect the dots? Can you do the math? (Had you noticed that in over 270 minutes of presidential debates, the words “Climate Change” were not mentioned once?)

Goddesses, can you hear what Mother Earth is saying? Can you see our “conspicuous consumption”? (If you and your house and stuff were plopped down in the middle of Africa, would that help you to see better?)

What to do?

Try local, try natural, try simple, try solar,…… try ignoring the dang Joneses.

As a modern goddess, you are probably already trying. I salute you! Let us not go down with the ship, my sisters, just give us a full moon to steer by and we can change the course. We can. (Full moons and other whisperings of Mother Earth can be learned at herbal conferences like this one: Rosemary Gladstar’s Annual Women’s Herbal Conference. )

Goddess-speed to you!

* all math from 350.org

The Whey of the Goddess

The Whey of the Goddess

by RM Allen, www.nhgoddess.com   10/1/2012

“Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet (a stool), eating her curds and whey.” We have all heard this nursery rhyme from 1805. Why would they let the poor little thing eat spoiled, stinky, curdled milk? The thought always made me gag. Thanks to the Dr. Weston A. Price.org food foundation, I have a better understanding of this now.

She was eating raw milk, not pasteurized. Live milk, not dead. Dead things stink. Live milk is still loaded with live pro-biotics, and a lot of them. Modern goddesses know that certain yogurts have pro-biotics added back into them, and we look for them in the market. Here is a general Wikipedia notation on the most common pro-biotic *:

Lactobacillus acidophilus (Latin meaning acid-loving milk-bacterium) is a species in the genus LactobacillusL. acidophilus is a homo-fermentative species, fermenting sugars into lactic acid, and grows readily at low pH values (below pH 5.0) and has an optimum growth temperature of around  99 °F.[1] L. acidophilus occurs naturally in the human and animal gastrointestinal tractmouth, and vagina.[2]

If this good gut pro-biotic bacterium occurs naturally in us, then why do we need more? Because we have killed them off with bad-gut guys in these days of processed foods and anti-biotic drugs. There is a war in your belly, and insidiously it crawls like a spider to other places and pops up in many disguises, like auto-immune and inflammation. It would seem that food is the root cause. But never fear, because we goddess have the mega-goddess Miss Muffet and her secret weapon: whey. Go Miss Muffet!

How can you get whey, and what will you do with it? Simple! Here is how I do it.

Go to a health food store, or even the organic aisle of the market, and get some raw yogurt. Get a small funnel, line it with a cone shaped coffee filter, and rest it in a deep coffee cup or jar. Spoon in raw yogurt, and cover with a loose lid of sorts. Leave in your fridge for a night or two. In the morning, you have curds and whey. Curds? Think Chobani, think cheesecake, think yum. Fold this thick curd out of the coffee filter and spoon some fresh fruit or real maple syrup over it. Or put it in a bowl and mix it with garlic or bacon bits for a cracker spread. Yum.

But even better is the liquid whey left in the cup. There are hundreds of uses!   In In this cup in your fridge, is an elixir of health known by all traditional peoples for thousands of years for lacto-fermenting food. Do not be afraid of the word ferment (I was). Here is what Wikipedia says in general:

Food fermentation has been said to serve five main purposes:[11]

  • Enrichment of the diet through development of a diversity of flavors, aromas, and textures in food substrates
  • Preservation of substantial amounts of food through lactic acidalcoholacetic acid, and alkaline fermentations
  • Biological enrichment of food substrates with protein, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins
  • Elimination of anti-nutrients
  • A decrease in cooking time and fuel requirement

Naturally preserve, enrich, and detox your food with this innocent looking whey you now have in a cup! (Simple – and y’all know I love Simple.)

It is powerful simple science for you and your family. Soak grains in water with 2 T whey overnight to remove anti-nutrients that contribute to Celiac’s and make the grains more easily digestible and bio-available. Same with legumes. Add a splash to soups to draw out nutrients. Preserve carrots, krauts, beets and more. Conjure up cordials and spirits. There is a deep spirituality in your relationship with food. Honor, cherish, and obey. It is the Whey of the Goddess.

*(When you are ready for a wealth of documented scientific info, begin here at WAPF:  http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/enjoying-little-miss-muffets-curds-and-whey  )

RM Allen is the author of the New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles, a fun and informative series of goddess guidebooks swirling spirituality, simplicity, and sustainability back into women’s bodies  – one goddess at a time. http://www.nhgoddess.com

Lacto-Fermented Goddess

I saw the ad for a free demonstration of lacto-fermented cabbage at the library, and I had to go see it.  For a long time I knew I had to eat more fermented food, but I didn’t know quite what it was. I went, I saw, I tasted. I found out about an old cookbook called Nourishing Traditions, by Dr. Weston Price & Sally Fallon, and my life is changed! All the confusion about food and fads is suddenly clear.

If I ferment my grains, I am less likely to get Celiacs. If I ferment some veggies, they get super-charged. (If I ferment the Beet Kvass, and can drink it down, I am pretty sure I will live forever.) Just what is lacto-fermentation, you ask? Well, the lacto is whey, and you mix it with a bit of salt, leave it on the counter overnight, and it will ferment what is in the bowl with it.

Q& A time:

  • How to get whey? Strain it out of yogurt.
  • What does the ferment do? 1. Inserts probiotics into the food, 2. through the enzymes, makes the nutrition more bio-available, 3. neutralizes the irritating toxins off the bran.
  • Who invented this new-fangled process? Ancient tribes from the Andes, to the Amazon, to the Alps, to the Aleutians. For tens of thousands of years, this is the way (whey) food was processed, preserved, and prescribed. Isolated tribes still treat food this way, and enjoy incredible health and vitality.

The first sixty pages of the book describe foods by category (proteins, grains, fats, milks, etc) and how they work together on the human body.The book is so commonsensical, I immediately went to my cabinet and threw away my whites: flour, sugar, cereals, and pastas. Not only are they lacking nutrients, they are also anti-nutrients! They are dead foods. Yes, dead.

You know that many foods now are processed, injected with antibiotics or hormones, gmo’ed, or otherwise fake, addictive, and harmful. So, while it may cost a few dollars more up front, the reduction in future ill health/medical bills far outweighs any qualms I have about forking over the cash for whole and natural food. Actual food. Happy food.

Now, while I do not see myself grinding up soaked and dried corn into cornflour with a stone, or making my own Kombucha (yuck), there are quite a few things that I can change up right away with no trouble at all. Like eliminating the very baddies, and working in a few easier ferments. Yes, I now have the guts of a lacto-fermented goddess!

Actually, I am going to stop writing about it, and refer you to the website to see for yourself.  Here is the brochure I got at the library demo, (and I have since read the cookbook and made the ginger carrots and steel-cut oats)  http://www.westonaprice.org/basics/principles-of-healthy-diets

I feel this is really important info for an earth-honoring goddess, and I want to make sure you get the facts from the professionals. All I am saying is, Boom!, this book changed my life. What luck! And it might change yours too.

Just sayin.

step on to this path with me
The street that leads to the actual Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. Weston-Price / Lacto-fermenting is another street that leads to the fountain of youth. Just sayin.





It’s Time To Make the Triple Goddess Elixir of Beltane.

Beltane is just an eyelash away.

One Beltane 21 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with rosebud lips.

This Beltane will be the first time that I no longer share a roof with my baby girl (and her sister too). The boat of the Crone has come through the mist to stop on my once comfy shore, where my old home is now too big for me, thus niggles me with daily discomfort. The Crone asks me to embark. I get in the boat, and she pushes it away from the shore. I cry for a long time. She silently guides the boat onward.

We land, and somehow there is only one of us in the boat. She is me, I am her, the Crone. But I am still the Mother that I once was too. And I am still the Maiden I was once as well. I am a triple goddess now, and it is jarring: I don’t know what to do, what to think, even how to be. The first page of this new chapter throws my off balance. My mind lays fallow and I just breathe.

The three of me ascend up to a small loft with a crimson wall. A wooden Buddha sits quietly, bathed in the crimson. He looks up at me, and smiles. The loft feels like a red tent temple, nested in a canopy of maple trees. The salt lamp in the corner casts a warm glow, as does the wood stove over by the small couch. A fancy stainless steel electric tea kettle hums on the kitchenette counter, its electric blue “on” switch twinkling at me like one shiny blue eye. Through a French door awaits a tiny white bedroom with sheer white curtains that barely diffuse the southern sun. An inviting puddle of sunlight spills across the white down comforter on the small bed. An egg-shaped moonstone rests on the nightstand. I hear it whisper to me “Welcome home.”

Outside in the driveway, there sits the little silver car of the man that owns this property. The license plate reads “Zeus.”

So this is where the next chapter begins. I like it!


Quick -Beltane 2012 is an eyelash away: it is time to make the Triple Goddess Elixir of Beltane! Attached is herbalist Susun Weed’s recipe for a spring vinegar for women. I am going to use it on my salads this summer. (It is actually an ancient Chinese recipe that calls for maiden/chickweed, mother-wort, and crone-wort, and apple cider vinegar – see attached recipe sheet, or go to http://www.susunweed.com ) I find the maiden and the crone outside my door at work, the mother I find out by Zeus’ compost pile.

The three of me are all here, and always have been. Wisdom might be setting in…

Beltane recipe

Goddesses & Scrybes

Gotta love local!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Berry & Croft on their show about local authors, “Scrybes.” There must have been a good star lighting my house of Hollywood that week! What luck!


See the video here (much better quality than the ones I usually shoot commando-style on my cell phone)



Wise Woman Radio

Winter Greetings!

It is Sadie Hawkins Day 2012 and it is snowing outside as the sun sets. I sit by the fire with my seed catalogs, and dream of a multi-day herbal conference I will attend at Newfound Lake in New Hampshire this August. Will I see you there?

Speaking of herbs, I had the honor of doing an interview with one of my very favorite herbalists, Susun Weed. She is an amazing Wise Woman. You can listen to our chat here on her Wise Woman radio show. Let us keep you company by the fire, as this winter slowly ends….






2012: The Accidental Goddess

It is 2012. I do not claim to adhere to any one particular religion. I attend a Universalist-Unitarian church, and the UU tradition accepts all of the religions listed above (and more) into their fold. The only doctrine of the church is Love. It is that simple, and I am into simple. If you were to try to pin me down on what my religious beliefs are, it is rather misty but I would tell you that it is the same as any creature of this earth, like a cat, or otter.  

How so, you ask?

What is the spirituality of the mysterious cat, or the playful otter? Consider the cat. There is no separation of self and religion in a cat, the cat is its religion. The cat is an authentic, translucent manifestation of cat-being. The cat knows things we don’t, like when a storm is coming. The cat stares at things in the room we cannot see. The cat revels in the full moon, and sprawls in the patch of sunlight. The cat lives in rhythm with Earth energies, without angst. The cat lives a sustainable lifestyle. It is my pleasure to take lessons from the cat; I try my best to have no separation between self and religion. I try to be an authentic, translucent manifestation of human-being. I make an effort to revel in the full moon, and live sustainably.

 And since my brain is larger than a cat, and is endowed with the egoic capacity to reason and contemplate, I understand a concept that a “spark of energy” lives within me. (Hmmm, perhaps the fact that I can perceive this spark as separate assures me that I still live dualistically, when I am actually striving to live in Oneness. Get it? Drat.)  This spark I can perceive is commonly called Spirit or God. And since I am a woman, I call the God-ness within me, Goddess. That is how I arrive at Goddess. A long and winding journey, thru full moons and farmers markets. An accidental goddess.


(working excerpt from New Hampshire Goddess Chronicle, vol 2: A Scorpion in the Desert)