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  • 2020 Overhaul: New Book, New Site
    Hello friends! It is 2020 and time for an overhaul, on many levels. I am sure you can feel this in your own lives. As for me, I put my newest book up online last week and then decided to … Read more
  • Sneak Peek at New Book
    I have some news for you my friends – I have been working on a new book this summer! It is stillĀ  a work in progress but, targeted to be out in early 2020 if all goes well. I ask … Read more
  • amplify HER voice
    It is my conjecture that Kamala is participating in the creation of a new genre of book, and one that is sorely needed. Her book is a combination memoir, auto-biography, and political platform. Coming away from this bio-plat book you … Read more