RM Allen lives in New Hampshire with her husband and a large fluffy dog. She is an “artivist” who likes to apply art to social issues in the form of painting, literature, graphic design, and sometimes fabric.

She has written four books, most recently “Incident at Exeter Tavern” (Jan 2020). This is the first book in the Maryvonne Mini-Mysterys trilogy that reveals the hidden history of the effaced black community in Exeter, NH.

Her prior three are a series of small feminine spirituality books, “New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles” series 1-3 (published 2001-2016), that serve as guides for women looking to reinvent or re-inspire themselves using their own intuitive inner goddess. She feels that when women are happy and empowered, it spreads to their family, their community, and so on…and the world becomes a more peaceful place.

She is also the founder of an annual literary festival (ExeterLitFest.com) which celebrates the diverse voices of Exeter, NH authors, past and present.

Use “positive-visioning” to do what you can, where you are!


Email her via ExeterLitFest.com, or follow her on Twitter @nhgoddess

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