Love to read books set in places you know? So do I. I couldn’t find any for my town – so I did a lot of research, then wrote some!

Enjoy this historical-fiction mysteries set in Exeter, NH. Artist-sleuth Maryvonne gets help solving mysteries from feminsty women of Exeter’s present and past. Have fun trying to figure out “whodunnit.” Delight in learning details about some folks who used to live here, as we restore the Black history of Exeter… together. All book profits to be donated towards a physical commemoration of historic Black Exeter. (potentially a pocket-park)

“Incident at Exeter Tavern” is set in the Revolutionary War era and profiles Black patriot Jude Hall and his family.

“Incident at Ioka” is set in the Abolitionist era and profiles Black abolitionist poet James Monroe Whitfield, Jude’s nephew.

“Incident at Exeter Depot” is set in 1903 when the subject of women’s suffrage was on the Exeter ballot. Meet a group of local suffragettes, and learn about divorced mother of six, Rebecca Walker, and entrepreneur, John G. Cutler.

“Yuletide at Exeter” It’s the Festival of Trees weekend! Take stroll around snow-filled streets during a MacBean family reunion, and learn about the wealthy couple George & Harriet Harris.

Buy them now locally at Water Street Bookstore, or online Amazon/Kindle.

BONUS: Read some newspaper interviews here:

Sept 3 2020, Feb12, 2021 April 7, 2021

“Jude Hall” live-stream video from the 2020 virtual American Independence Festival

Where to buy them:

Water St. Bookstore in Exeter, NH

Online at Amazon/Kindle

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