Giving Thanks

The Wheel of the Year is turning into darkness. Time to begin the hunkering down. But first, we give thanks for the harvest. Can you smell the turkey and fixings? Have you given thought to what you are thankful for yet? I am thankful for so, so, many things – including this guy above, whom I adore!

To begin, I want to say a special thank you to all of those who are working on a more inclusive history of America. There are so many people now! Here is something interesting and new (for me): you can add a few words of Abenaki into your Turkey gathering. See a tribal land acknowledgment for Exeter here that I read before a meeting last month. I had to practice the words for a while, they felt strange in my mouth.

Earlier I had promised an update on the pocket-park idea – so here it is.

Now as you know,  I am on a small ad-hoc committee working on a quiet pocket-park in honor of the historic African-American community that once thrived in Exeter. The project will lay dormant this winter, but we will pick it up again in the spring. But I am doing some background leg-work in the meantime.

Today I and 50 others attended a Black Heritage Trail of NH (BHTNH) marker unveiling in a small pocket-park in Portsmouth at 325 State Street. Speeches, songs, and champagne: very nicely done! The quiet park has two benches, a tree, and a stone marker. (Go check it out, it is similar to what our ad hoc committee has in mind.) Last month I met with JerriAnne, the BHTNH director, about the Exeter pocket-park project. They want to collaborate, so today’s event could be similar to what we end up doing.

Pomp and Candace Spring marker, 325 State St, Portsmouth, NH 11.2021

Other leg-work I have done is to visit two other parks while on a road trip. The Alex Haley Memorial at Annapolis Harbor, which strikes a nice balance between fact and whimsy. This balance makes it very accessible to all. (Alex Haley wrote “Roots” and the market in which his ancestor was sold is directly across the street from this wharf.)

Alex Haley of Roots

We also drove on the Harriet Tubman Byway, and visited her pocket-park in Cambridge, MD. This one was not as accessible – the location was odd. But I was glad I went to gather ideas. There are about 40 stops on this driving tour.

Thanks to you all for reading this blog. Enjoy the feasting, friends and family. I am grateful for you all. I have the best friends!!

Thanks for hanging with me😊  What fun!!

 PS: Tomorrow night is a full moon eclipse, and I have a niece who is due to give birth. Maybe it will be the day little Violett arrives? Another reason to give thanks.

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