Heartwarming Holiday

It is wonderful to be able to gather in person with family again. (I am very grateful that the vaccines enabled this.) Our Thanksgiving meal was very heartwarming indeed, and I look forward to the look on my little grandson’s face in the crowd when he sees the town square light up tomorrow at 5pm. These family moments are so precious.

Today I write a quick update about another family: The Jude and Rhoda Hall family of Exeter, NH. Jude was a Black Revolutionary War patriot who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill and for the next 8 years.

He returned to Exeter, married Rhoda and together they had a large family. But – and a very significant but – tragically, three of their sons were stolen into Southern slavery back in the early 1800’s. This hushed up sundering of their family was a foul state of affairs that has festered.

But sundered no more! Today I am pleased to announce that a professional genealogist, Gail Garda, has completes her research on the Jude Hall family tree. Use this link to download or view a sample of her report. The report is now also presented publicly through the new “Jude and Rhoda Hall Society” page on Facebook. Who can say where this will lead? Especially if DNA is involved 🙂 The point of this small act of redress is to gather Jude and Rhoda’s family back together.

It is my wish this season that this genealogical report brings heartwarming family joy to the descendants of this Exeter couple, whose story has been neglected for so long.

~RM Allen

PS. We will be continuing this spring to work on the proposed “Black Heritage Pocket-Park” project at the head of Swasey Parkway. Wouldn’t it be terrific if some of Jude and Rhoda’s people were in attendance? Kind of heartwarming, wouldn’t you say?

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