Solstice Moves the Goddess Forward

Solstice Moves the Goddess Forward  By RM Allen, author of the NH Goddess Chronicles series, 2013 Happy Solstice my goddess sisters! My usual Orgasmaical newsletter is being pre-empted by a special blog posting for the summer solstice: This weekend, at the summer solstice, is the perfect time to commit to make a life change thatContinue reading “Solstice Moves the Goddess Forward”

2012: The Accidental Goddess

It is 2012. I do not claim to adhere to any one particular religion. I attend a Universalist-Unitarian church, and the UU tradition accepts all of the religions listed above (and more) into their fold. The only doctrine of the church is Love. It is that simple, and I am into simple. If you wereContinue reading “2012: The Accidental Goddess”

Carbon-Climate Zombie or How Will Your Life look at $10/gallon?

Carbon-Climate Zombies By RM Allen, Bill McKibbon stood head and shoulders above me. Literally. He is a tall man, and I am a short woman. I stood on my tiptoes for this photo! But Bill also stands head and shoulders above most people in terms of climate change knowledge. In terms of climate changeContinue reading “Carbon-Climate Zombie or How Will Your Life look at $10/gallon?”